New York

Business consulting

Our proposals in the Business development services

Consultations on business development
  • Development of business strategies for companies;
  • The development of strategic projects for business growth.

Development of investment projects
  • Verification of the project based on marketing research;
  • The feasibility study;
  • Financial modeling and calculation of financial indicators;
  • Development of business plans.

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs
  • Monitoring - continuous keeping track of the work progress (within the project, program) to compare the current status with the plan;
  • Evaluation - analysis of implementation (of project, plan or program). The aim is to verify compliance with the implemented plan and to analyze the reasons of achieving / not achieving the planned results.
Marketing and sociological research
  • A comparison of the sale points;
  • Consumer analysis;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Analysis of the Product Range;
  • Identification of public opinion.